Success Stories From Our Partners

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Success Stories From Our Partners

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Shalini stepped into my life amid a mess. With her outstanding coaching skills, we started a 6 months healing process that transformed my mess into a message. She showed exceptional skills in building up my leadership and motivational skills to a level where I unlocked my purpose and wrote my book The Invisible Son. If you are stuck in your life/work balance and you need a nudge partner? Shalini is the best in the field. Thank you so much for being there when no one else was.


Tey E  
Tedx Speaker, Award Winner Tech Entrepreneur

Shalini was my Trainer/Therapist for 3-4 months. During this tenure, Shalini stretched me to think and come up with my views. She helped me identify a lot of areas where I am good, and can be better.


Swati K Ghai  
National Sales Head at Zirca Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd

emotional intelligence training, leadership development program, white ray coaching, conflict resolution

Positive. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. Supportive. Genuine. From our first coaching session together, Shalini helped me clarify my thoughts on my career, my aspirations and my life in general ….and help me identify what I needed to do to move forward. She helped me see the potential I have constantly denied myself by breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. She helped me break the glass ceiling I had formed for my own self.. Shalini is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, and a caring mentor. I’m very grateful to Neena Dasgupta CEO, Zirca Digital Solutions to have given me this opportunity to work with Shalini and highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform their career and discover their leadership potentials.


Hemali Dave

Business Head, Content & Brand Solutions at Zirca Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd

Jabir Merchant, senior vice president, head of advertising, zirca digital solutions pvt ltd

A couple of key challenges was time management & grooming to be a more effective leader. The intervention was a first for me and expectedly, in the beginning, I treated it with circumspect caution. However, as we progressed into the sessions, it helped me identify the ghosts within and try to tackle them with a constructive approach. The single largest outcome was the ability to identify if a roadblock was real or an amplification of my imagination. This ability helped in both personal and professional spheres immensely. If you are really in a place where the outcomes are predictable, try a new approach. The invested time will heed massive outcomes in the long term and leave you with far more satisfying result across the process chain.


Jabir Merchant

Sr. Vice President and Head of Advertising at Zirca Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd

Nitina Walia, business head, c-level executive, zirca digital solutions pvt. ltd., emotional intelligence training, leadership development

I wanted to say a special thanks to my coach Shalini for supporting me with her genuine efforts for 6 long months. Post each of our sessions, I realized a new way of looking at things. During my tenure, I learned what my leadership style is and how it affects my ability to lead. As a coach, Shalini really pushed my limits and unearthed the leader within me and brought immense learning about energy levels. This awareness helped me in controlling myself much better and is assisting me in being an effective leader. I am very grateful to Zirca for considering me under their leadership development program. Time well invested!


Nitin Walia

Business Head at Zirca Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd

It was such an incredible journey and I always believed that I have the ability to be what I want but had an awfully hard time achieving my goals. Everything is the same but what has changed is the way I take up new challenges and risks. It’s great to learn from Shalini on how to set short term and long term goals. There were tough times with her when she challenged me to think differently and encouraged me to find my own solutions. I usually finished each session motivated with a number of exciting trials for myself. I would like to thank the Zirca Digital Management for giving me the opportunity to be part of the learning session as it has made a significant difference in my path to being a better, tougher me.


Chisy Das

Head of Account Management at Zirca Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd

I had the privilege of being coached by Shalini as a part of the Zirca program to nurture leaders. The coaching helped me in fundamentally relooking at my leadership style. The biggest benefit was that it made me conscious and continually aware of my emotions when I respond to different situations. This awareness led to a balanced response which in turn created positive outcomes in various situations. The coaching also covered various levels of leadership and how to go to higher levels of leadership to remain focused on the outcomes and achieve a win win result for all concerned. Shalini’s leadership coaching style is friendly yet balanced. She gives you the space to experiment with methods but also is persistent to ensure there are no slip ups along the way. Pivoting to an evolved leadership style is about reengineering your thoughts and actions at a fundamental level, and having someone like Shalini guiding you is a great thing to happen. I would recommend Shalini as a leadership coach and hope you have a company like Zirca to be there for you.


Rupin Nanani

Head – ContentiQ, Research & Analytics at Zirca Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd

Shalini is wonderful as a coach. What sets her apart is her empathy and her tremendous tenacity to take her coachee to a point of reflection and then permanent realization. She does it with love and a style I have not come across to date. I have gained tremendously working with her.


Neena Dasgupta 
CEO and Director of ZIRCA Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Shalini’s direction on coaching goes beyond the norm of what is usually expected. Her genuine care for releasing the potential from others and tapping into areas of self-improvement allowed me to learn an abundance in a short amount of time. It was a foreign territory for me particularly on a 1:1 basis. Yet Shalini puts the person at ease in the driving seat whilst guiding you, on a self-discovery focusing on leadership techniques and approaches on a weekly basis. Not only was I able to apply these in my day-to-day but also measure the success from it. I have appreciated her time and patience in teaching me new skills, or even working on areas most of us would ignore. You will find a new excitement and appreciation for self-development. Shalini’s coaching has taught me to believe in myself and give more to others. I recommend others to rely on her expertise and mentoring to help change your mindset – big or small organization would benefit greatly on integrating this in their workplace. It takes a small step to make this change and Shalini can be the key to support you on the journey if you are ready.


Thelma Ekpo  
Senior Manager CRM Campaigns – Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein at PVH Corp.

Shalini is a great coach to have when at crossroads of any kind. Through our sessions, she has broken down trouble areas, helped understand their innate causes and worked patiently at getting to solutions that are well defined and permanent in nature. I have managed to accelerate my work deadlines, improve my method and shed work induced anxiety through Shalini’s unique six step process of effective leadership. She is a compassionate and brilliant coach who understands every client needs different measures – and she guides their way with deep intellect and sound knowledge.


Runa Mukherjee  
Journalist and Author – ‘Your Truth, My Truth’

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