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The six-stage path to your authentic leadership potential

White Ray’s executive and managerial leadership development program is an intensive process designed to affect long-term change. Focusing on self-awareness and steering towards improved interpersonal relationships through Emotional Intelligence, our approach unleashes the power of the right brain to uncover a new outside-the-box understanding, and well-defined path to follow. Whether we are working one-on-one or with invested teams, our bespoke programs underpin the steps needed to bring the organizations, the team, as well as the individuals to even greater success. We will be your champion and guide on this transformative journey that promises to take your leadership skills to the next level of excellence.

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The six-stage path to your authentic leadership potential



This is the commitment stage towards the change you want, as a leader with unlimited potential. We examine who you are, your behavioral triggers, and your fixed executive habits. We begin to tap into “right brain thinking,” opening a new self-awareness. Using such powerful tools as the Energy Leadership Index, the values assessment, the Leadership Growth Progress Review, and additional customized tools, we unlock your true leadership potential and set you on your path towards sustainable change.

Personal Development Coach process


Through powerful assessments, comprehensive interviews, and data analysis, we are able to see the big picture of who you are and where you want your journey to take you. We go deep in reviewing old patterns and detrimental habits, allowing us to clearly identify the change that you, as a leader, desire. In this stage the 7 energy levels of leadership are introduced, and you will be able to see yourself and your potential in a completely new light. This is the birth of your transformation.

executive leadership coaching process


Change and true introspection is brave, but not easy. This is the stage of self-reflection. This is where you accept who you currently are, profoundly examine within, and reflect on the leader you want to be. By taking this moment to breathe, we ensure that the goals you set are sufficiently considered and are the right ones for you. You step out of your old shell, ready to move forward. Through this step, your goals are crystallised and you become ready to effectively change.

Performance Coach process


This is where the blueprint is designed for the leader that you want to be. We lay out a success plan and the steps needed to achieve your goal towards becoming a more successful leader. This may include training for new skills and introducing performance enhancing behaviors. We’ll identify the best route to improved delegation strategies, communication skills, or conflict management. Each action path is wholly unique. New processes and systems are put into place. This is where your future path becomes clear.

emotional intelligence training process


This is the true and exciting first step towards your transformation into your ultimate leadership role. You plant the roots towards sustainable systems, not dependent on ongoing coaching. You will embrace the change, the environments that we cannot control, and ability to thrive in any circumstance. You now live in a world where you do not run from conflict, but face up to and succeed.

leadership development training program process


Your hard work has paid off and you emerge in the victory stage.
Your journey towards lasting change has succeeded and your new behaviors have become confirmed habits. You are flourishing in productivity, profitability and team happiness. You are even thriving and content in your home and personal life. You are the leader who you always were, but didn’t know how to be. Congratulations!


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