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The world seems to be talking much about Emotional Intelligence and its importance in leadership success. In a definitive sense, EI refers to an individual’s ability to identify, understand and manage own emotions and those of others around. It’s about keeping your calm and responding with solutions. If you were to recognise the importance of EI in leadership, make a choice here. Who out of the two would you like to become or have as your Manager – one who yells at the team under stress or the one who keeps calm and constantly focuses on the solution without venting out at others?

The Emergence of this EI derivative called Emotional Quotient or EQ has had many leaders debate or jostle between EQ and IQ (Intelligence Quotient). A common perception that seems creeping up is that “EQ will likely replace IQ”. Our take, predisposed to an in-depth study of the subject and an extensive experience in resolving the underlying problems, differs here. For leadership to acquire and sustain success, EQ and IQ must complement each other and not replace or outdo one another. If you are wondering how, you’ve found us rightly. Our customized programs help you identify your existing blockers and resolve them for a higher performance as a leader.

Before you jump to conclusions or a dismissal, have a quick check on which EQ values you are enduring already and which ones you may be lacking.

emotional intelligence, emotional quotient, stress management, self perception, self expression, interpersonal, decision making, leadership development program

Key Emotional Intelligence Competencies

Unveiling the Key Factors that Define Emotional Intelligence

self perception, self analysis, emotional intelligence, leadership, mirror, self-regard, self-actualization, emotional self-awareness


Do you know your core strengths and areas of improvement? Do you respect yourself and remain authentic?

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Self- Expression

Are you able to control and manage your emotions and make your point clear even when there is resistance from all ends?

communication, conflicts, emotional intelligence, empathy, interpersonal relationships, social responsibility


Do you understand and practice empathy? Are you keen on making efforts to maintain healthy and effective relationships?

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Are you able to make clear decisions based on reality or mired by impulse? Does your impulse serve you well?

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Stress Management

What keeps you awake at night ? Are you open to unseen ideas to solve problems? Or keep on fearing failure?

Shalini Bhattacharya has been coaching our senior management team to use EI for their career growth. We have observed notable changes in the people being coached and one of the key things is their ability to accept their emotions and responses and the why. This has enabled them tailor their responses. They are moving towards efficiency and actually seem far more in control. We are going to continue coaching our people across levels owing to the experience we have had with our senior management team.


Neena Dasgupta 
CEO and Director of ZIRCA Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Identify yourself with a Deeper Reflection on a Composite Scale

Which One Mirrors your Situation?

Dearth of Self-Awareness

1. Cannot distinguish between your emotions – anger, guilt, sadness, shame, fear.

2. Unable to identify which emotion is averting growth.

3. Never mindful of your reactions.

4. Not aware of your strengths that can be leveraged in troubled times.

5. Easily distracted from current happenings.

Struggle in Self-Expression

1. Often told that you are not approachable or trustworthy.

2. You have regrets about not expressing your true thoughts.

3. Less reactive to problems as well as successes.

4. Confused between aggressiveness, assertiveness and passiveness.

5. Your overdependence causes a delay in your decision-making process.

Interpersonal Conflict

1. Missing attention on dealing with interpersonal conflicts.

2. Handling difficult conversations is never on your agenda.

3. Low consideration of others’ feelings and emotions.

4. Poor understanding of social responsibility as a leader.

5. Inability to recognize differences in a relationship.

Docility in Decision-Making

1. Not able to find opportunities in dire situations.

2. Scared of unknown territories or situations.

3. Make decisions hastily or at the last minute.

4. You hardly measure your response to unfruitful decisions.

5. Unconscious bias influencing your decision-making.

Stress Hijack

1. You are mostly stumped under pressure.

2. Your plan of action does not include the risk-management component.

3. Change in environment hampers your performance severely.

4. You suppress your emotions and avoid sharing your challenges with friends, family.

5. Conventional approaches impress you more.

How you Transform As a Leader with Our Programs

Foster Collaboration | Resolve Conflict | Lead By Excellence


You adapt to changing circumstances while still performing high


You become more aware of your default tendencies that improve your performance


You improve communication skills to resolve conflicts and improve productivity


Become more valuable in the eyes of your team and organization


You learn how to tailor your actions to deliver excellence consistently and systematically


You become more resilient to unacceptable changes at work or personal life

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