I had the privilege of being coached by Shalini as a part of the Zirca program to nurture leaders. The coaching helped me in fundamentally relooking at my leadership style. The biggest benefit was that it made me conscious and continually aware of my emotions when I respond to different situations.

This awareness led to a balanced response which in turn created positive outcomes in various situations. The coaching also covered various levels of leadership and how to go to higher levels of leadership to remain focused on the outcomes and achieve a win win result for all concerned. Shalini’s leadership coaching style is friendly yet balanced. She gives you the space to experiment with methods but also is persistent to ensure there are no slip ups along the way. Pivoting to an evolved leadership style is about reengineering your thoughts and actions at a fundamental level, and having someone like Shalini guiding you is a great thing to happen. I would recommend Shalini as a leadership coach and hope you have a company like Zirca to be there for you.