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Who am I?

Shalini Bhattacharya

Leadership Coach & Behavioural Consultant

Through White Ray Coaching, I provide executive and leadership development focused towards achieving sustainable change. My experience in the corporate system, and specifically experience in the film industry, has given me an insider’s perspective on ‘reel vs. real’ life. This insight has allowed me to analyse the behaviour of executives and how their actions impact their business.

What I do?

My purpose is to empower leaders to enhance their communication, creating a customised process, increasing bottom line profitability, retaining happy employees and creating a healthy workplace environment. Through various certifications, I’ve been able to meld IPEC’s Energy Leadership, Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholders Centered coaching, my own extensive studies, and bespoke tools into a new and unique process.

How I do it?

I have developed programs across a variety of corporate settings. I work with C-Suite executives, and mid to high-level managers, implementing paths of growth, performance assessment, and the process of cultural change. I’ll work with you to dig for underlying energy levels, break through limiting beliefs, and help create conscious choices in how you think and feel. My unique process provides guidance through the successful journey towards your greatest potential.

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