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Who am I?

Shalini Bhattacharya

Conflict Resolution Strategist

Emotional Intelligence Coach

My journey began in the media and entertainment industry where I developed a keen understanding of the dissonance between ‘reel vs real’ life – the difference between the persona we present and who we really are, and how this greatly impacts performance potential and team relationships. This and other crucial aspects of Emotional Intelligence are fundamental to my method of leadership coaching. My aim is to be your personal accountability partner on your drive to unlimited success.

What We do?

White Ray acts both as a pilot and partner through a customized process to help leaders uncover their true selves, enhance awareness and communication skills, and achieve their full leadership potential. All in the service of retaining happy, productive employees in a healthy workplace environment and increasing bottom-line coversions.

How we do it?

First, we use the preeminent attitudinal assessments to provide a current snapshot of your overall Emotional intelligence and how your perceptions and energy shape your world-view. Applying these newly gained insights, we analyze inhibiting habits, eliminate limiting beliefs, and uncover untapped sources of personal energy. We partner with you in creating a customised process focusing on three key areas for sustainable change – resilience, emotional intelligence, and behavioral adaptability.

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